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Amazon Affiliate Link Creator

This tool allows you to get Amazon Affiliate links for products.

This is your Amazon Associates Store ID. You can find it in your Amazon Associates account.

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How to get an Amazon affiliate link?

To get an Amazon affiliate link, first ensure you're signed up for the Amazon Associates program. Once you have your affiliate tag, use Publisher's Amazon Affiliate Link Creator. Simply enter your Amazon Affiliate Tag, select the desired country storefront, and search for the product you wish to link to. Our tool will generate a unique affiliate link that you can share with your audience, helping you earn commissions on every qualifying purchase.

How to make an Amazon affiliate link?

Making an Amazon affiliate link is effortless with Publisher's tool. Enter your Affiliate Tag and choose the Amazon store region. Search for the product you want to promote in the 'Search for a Product' field. Our system will display a list of products. Choose the desired product and click 'Copy Link' to get a ready-to-use affiliate link that tracks your referrals.

How to become an Amazon affiliate?

Becoming an Amazon affiliate is straightforward. Apply to the Amazon Associates program and wait for approval. After approval, log in to Publisher's Amazon Affiliate Link Creator, input your Affiliate Tag, and choose your preferred Amazon storefront. You can then search for products, generate custom affiliate links, and start monetizing your content.

How to get the Amazon associate store ID?

1. Visit the Amazon Associates homepage.
2. Sign in to your Amazon Associates account.
3. Once logged in, locate your Store ID at the top right corner of the page. Your Store ID is your unique Amazon associate store ID, which is used to track the sales attributed to your links.
4. Copy this Store ID and paste it into the input field of the Publisher's Amazon Affiliate Link Creator tool.